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Trevor Swanson- Wildlife Artist

     Acclaimed by critics and collectors alike, Trevor V. Swanson is one of the most gifted wildlife artists in the world today.  Trevor started painting at a very early age, beginning his professional art career at 20, and by the age of 25, had won several artistic competitions.  Trevor comes from a family of very talented artists and has traveled extensively throughout North America, Europe and Africa in his quest for subject matter.

     "I paint realistically, because the beauty of life is in the little things.  The multi-colored moss growing on the rock where a wolf is standing, the light beaming through tree branches onto the fur of a bear, these are the details that breathe life into a painting.  I try hard to portray these subtle elements of tone and mood because they complete the story being told."  His paintings reflect his philosophy on mankindís place within nature.  "I see humans as the caretakers of our planet.  It is our obligation to preserve the Earthís delicate balance for future generations.  And the first step is opening our eyes to all its mystery and wonder.  There is so much beauty in the world as it is, mine is the task of capturing that beauty to show others what we have to lose."

     Trevor Swanson was featured in Southwest Art Magazine in 2002, and in the March/April 2007 issue of Wildlife Art Magazine. He is a featured artist in the Houston Safari Club Shows, and he has been a regular participant in such prestigious shows as the Safari Club International Convention in Reno, Nevada, the Southeastern Wildlife Expo in Charleston, South Carolina and the Wildlife & Western Visions Art Show in St. Petersburg, Florida.  The Plainsmen Gallery is proud to represent the originals and prints of talented artist Trevor Swanson!

"The King in Deep Shadows" by Trevor Swanson

Oil on Board, 14" x 11" $2,600

"Ruby Throated Hummer" by Trevor Swanson

Oil on Metal, 8"x 6" $695

"Hunter's Gaze" by Trevor Swanson

Oil & Patina on Copper, 13"x 10" $975

"Cold "Spring Visitors" by Trevor Swanson,

Oil on Board, 14"x11" $1,900

"Brothers of Spring" by Trevor Swanson

Oil and Patina on Copper 16"x10" $1,150

"Breezy Perch" by Trevor Swanson

Oil, 24"x 12"  $3,950 SOLD

"Blossom Sentinel" by Trevor Swanson

Oil and Patina on Copper, 12"x10" SOLD

The Artist's Description of the Process: "I use a patina on metal pieces

to create an interesting texture and color.  Once that is cured,

I seal it off and paint on top of that. 

They can be displayed framed or unframed.

Some are mounted on reclaimed wood."

"Lone Sentinel" by Trevor Swanson

Oil on Copper, 12"x16" SOLD

"In Thickets" by Trevor Swanson

Oil on Metal SOLD

"Auburn Prince" Oil on Metal by Trevor Swanson

24"x12" $1,250 SOLD

"Ruby-Throated Hummers" Oil by Trevor Swanson

12"x9" $950

"Weathered Perch, Pelicans" Oil by Trevor Swanson

16"x12" SOLD

"Mesquite Sentinel" oil by Trevor Swanson

18"x12" $2,500 SOLD

"Windbreak" Oil on Metal by Trevor Swanson

24"x12" $1,250 SOLD

"Desert Blooms" Oil by Trevor Swanson

10"x8" $950. SOLD