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Terry Smith- Wildlife Artist

Florida artist Terry Smith has been painting since 1977 and he became a full time artist in 1999. His paintings have been exhibited in shows, museums and galleries throughout Florida and the Southeast. He particularly enjoys creating watercolors, but he also paints in oil and acrylic. His favorite subjects are wildlife, especially birds and large cats. His paintings range in size from miniatures (one and a half inches) to one hundred-foot murals in Florida, Georgia, Michigan and South Carolina. He prefers to paint what he knows best- nature and wildlife.

Terry is a member of the Florida Watercolor Society and the Miniature Art Society of Florida. He has won many awards in shows across the state of Florida. His work is now shown in a coffee table book, Florida Beyond the Blue Horizon by Alan Maltz. 

The Plainsmen Gallery is proud to represent original paintings and prints by wildlife artist Terry Smith.  Congratulations to Terry for winning Best of Show at Art on the Green in Wellington, FL in 2017!  For more information or to place an order, call or email the gallery: (727) 734-8200 or art@plainsmen.com. 

Terry Smith will be a featured artist at our Spring Art Show which opens on Saturday, April 13, 2019.  Meet Terry and watch his art demonstration from 1 - 3pm.

"Pileated Woodpeckers" by Terry Smith

Acrylic, 28"x 20" $1,800

"Southern Cat" by Terry Smith

Acrylic, 14" x 16" $1,300

"Heron Taking Flight" by Terry Smith

Acrylic, 16"x 12" $1,200

"From the Dark Swamp" by Terry Smith

Acrylic, 11" x 14" $1,150

"Sharp-Shinned Hawk" by Terry Smith

Acrylic, 15"x18" $1500

"Cardinals in Scrub Holly" by Terry Smith

Acrylic, 12"x 9" $695  Giclee $350

"Pretty Boy- Kestral" Acrylic by Terry Smith

12"x16" $1,150 

"In the Scrub" (Florida Scrub Jay) by Terry Smith

Acrylic, 12"x9" $695

"Barnyard Family" Oil by Terry Smith

14"x18"  $1,400

Giclee Available: 11"x14" $495

"Local Color" Oil by Terry Smith

14"x18"  $1,400

"Backward Glance" Oil by Terry Smith

16"x12" $1,150

Framed Giclee: 14"x11" $495

"Nestled" Oil by Terry Smith

18"x14" $1,300

Framed Giclee: 16"x12" $525

"Junior, Barred Owl" by Terry Smith

Acrylic 14"x11" $950

Framed Giclee Available $495

"Brown Thrashers and More" by Terry Smith

Oil  9"x12" $650 (GA State Bird)

Giclee Available $350

"I Spy" Acrylic by Terry Smith

4"x6"  $500

"Missed Meal- Fox" Gouache by Terry Smith

3"x4" $350

"Buffalo Miniature" Acrylic by Terry Smith

4"x6" $475

"The Great Escape" Acrylic by Terry Smith

14"x28" $1,800

"Hummingbirds II" Acrylic by Terry Smith

9"x12" $650

"Zebra Swallowtail" Acrylic by Terry Smith

12"x9" $625

"Pileated" Oil by Terry Smith

18"x14" SOLD

Giclee Available $525 Framed

"Seasons Greeters" Acrylic by Terry Smith

12"x9" Original SOLD

Giclee Available $350

"Kingfisher" Acrylic by Terry Smith, 12"x9" SOLD

Giclee Available $350

"Screechy" Acrylic by Terry Smith

10"x8" $625 SOLD

"Bird and Berries" Acrylic by Terry Smith

10"x8" $595  SOLD

"Barnstorming" Acrylic by Terry Smith,

12"x16" SOLD

Giclee Available $400

"Showing His Colors" Oil by Terry Smith

10"x8" SOLD

Giclee Available $325

"Heavy Cover, Quail" by Terry Smith, 18"x24" SOLD 

Giclee Available $425

For more information or to make a purchase

Call or email The Plainsmen Gallery: 1-888-779-2240 or art@plainsmen.com


Updated March 2019