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"Before Battle" Oil by Stephan Lang, OPAM 

"Fall Harvest"

October 22 - November 30, 2021

 The Plainsmen Gallery: 2141 Main Street, Dunedin, FL

This Show features outstanding western, wildlife, & Florida art by 26 nationally known artists from Florida and across the country, including members of the Cowboy Artists of America.

Original Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures and Giclee prints will be on display and available for purchase. Interest-free time payments are always available!

Regular Gallery Hours: Tues. and Thurs. 2 5pm, Friday 1 5pm, Saturday 1 4pm or by appointment.

Participating artists: Victor Blakey, Jim Eppler, Randy Galloway, John Coleman, CA, Nicholas Coleman, Deborah Lafogg Dockerty, Guy Combes, Jim Eppler, Peter R. Gerbert, Grant Hacking, Denny Karchner, Steven Lang, Dennis Logsdon, Bonnie Marris, Jack Muir, Ed Natiya, Chris Navarro, John Nieto, Dustin Payne, CA, Grant Redden, CA, Julia Rogers, Charles Rowe, Gale Running Wolf, John Seerey-Lester, Suzie Seerey-Lester, Geoffrey Smith, Terry Smith, Trevor Swanson, David Yorke.

New images will be added prior to the show. To purchase any of the pieces shown, please call or email the Plainsmen Gallery: 1-888-779-2240 or

Victor Blakey

"Looking into the Sun" Oil by Victor Blakey

36" x 24" - $5,000

"Looking for the Enemy" Oil by Victor Blakey

24" x 30" - $4,800

"The Searcher" Oil by Victor Blakey

20" x 16" - $3,400

"Old Bear Hunter" Oil by Victor Blakey

24" x 36" - $5,000


John Coleman, CA

"Sister Moon" Bronze by John Coleman

35"H x 10"W x 11"D



"Maiden from 2nd Mesa" Bronze by John Coleman

11"H x 7"W x 4"D - Edition of 35


Click here to view more art by John Coleman


Sandy Graves

"Pinnacle" Bronze by Sandy Graves

22" x 11" x 7" - $5,620


"The Prince" Bronze by Sandy Graves

33" x 14" x 9" Ed. 50 - $4,620


Grant Hacking

"Aurora" Oil by Grant Hacking

9" x 12" - $1,800


Nicholas Coleman

"Warm Fire" by Nicholas Coleman

10" x 8" - $2,500



Jim Eppler

"Cougar 1 Maquette" by Jim Eppler

Bronze, 14"H  $1,600

"Horned Toad 1" Bronze by Jim Eppler

6 1/2"L x 2 5/8H x 3 3/4"D  $800


Randy Galloway

"Skilled Tracker" by Randy Galloway

Framed Mixed Media on

Handmade Paper, 20" x 14"  $2,700


Denny Karchner

"Raven Blanket- Nez Perce"

Graphite Drawing by Denny Karchner

9.5" x 6.75" - $795


Ezra Tucker

"Moose Portrait" Original Drawing on Board

by Ezra Tucker - $2,700

14" x 11"

"Canadian Lynx Portrait" Acrylic

by Ezra Tucker - $2,700

14" x 11"


Oreland Joe, CA

"Third Mesa Potter" Sculpture by Oreland Joe, CA

21" H - $6,000


Steven Lang, OPA

"Before Battle" Oil by Steven Lang

36" x 36" $10,000

"At River's Edge" Oil by Steven Lang

19" x 12" $3,300

Click here to view more work by Steven Lang



Bonnie Marris

"Bear Family" by Bonnie Marris

Oil Original, 8" x 10" $2,900


"Hayden Valley Wolf" by Bonnie Marris

Oil Original, 9" x 12" $3,400


Tom Saubert

"Otter and Ermine" Oil by Tom Saubert

Resale in Excellent Condition

24" x 18" $3,900


Deborah LaFogg

"A Bright Spot" by Deborah LaFogg

Oil 8" x 10" - $650


"Field of Daisies" Oil by Deborah LaFogg

16" x 20" $1,400


Dennis Logsdon

"Caribou Lookout, Wolf" Scratchboard

by Dennis Logsdon

16" x 20" $2,200 -- SOLD



"Desert Big Horn" by Dennis Logsdon

Scratchboard Original, 10" x 10"  $850

Click here to view more work by Dennis Logsdon


Jack Muir


"Where Ponies Leave No Tracks"  by Jack Muir

Bronze, 19"H x 27"L x 7"W  $4,200

Click here to view more bronzes by Jack Muir


Ed Natiya

"Sitting Bull" bronze by Ed Natiya

Edition of 25, 23"H  $6,300


"Pontiac, The Great Lakes Rebel"

Bronze by Ed Natiya, $5,800

John Nieto

"Navajo" Acrylic Original by John Nieto

40" x 30"

Click here to view more artwork by John Nieto


Dustin Payne, CA

Dustin is now a member of the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America!

He recently won a Silver Medal for his bronze at the 2018 CA Show!

"Keeper of the Sage" Bronze by Dustin Payne, CA

14" x 5" x 5" Edition of 12 - $1,850 

"Wind River Sentinel" Bronze by Dustin Payne, CA

Edition of 17, 20"H x 16"W x 8"D  - $4,200


Grant Redden, CA

Grant Redden won 2 major awards at the 2018 CA Show!

"Wyoming Cowboy" Oil by Grant Redden, CA

16"x12" $3,300

"Drifting Cowboy" Oil by Grant Redden

18"x24" $5,800

  Click here to see more originals by Grant Redden


Charles Rowe

"Chassahowitzka River" Oil by Charles Rowe

6.25" x 9.25" $1,350

"Myakka Deer" Oil by Charles Rowe

9"x14" $2,000

Click here to see more originals & prints by Charles Rowe

Clark Kelley Price

"A Drink Well Earned" by Clark Kelly Price

Framed Oil, 20" x 30" $6,000


Suzie Seerey-Lester

"Pink Mist" by Suzie Seerey-Lester

Acrylic, 20" x 16" $4,000

Geoffrey Smith

"Stuart Sailfish" by Geoffrey Smith

Bronze, 14"H

"Full House" by Geoffrey Smith


Click here to view more bronzes by Geoffrey Smith


Terry Smith


"Out of the Darkness" by Terry Smith

Oil, 16" x 20" $1,400

"Moonlight Alpha" by Terry Smith

Acrylic, 10" x 8"  $695

Click here to see more originals by Terry Smith


Trevor Swanson

"Ruby Throated Hummer" by Trevor Swanson

Oil on Metal, 8" x 4" $695

See more artwork by Trevor Swanson

Howard Terpning

"Shield of Her Husband"

by Howard Terpning

Giclee 34" x 26" $1,150

"Kiowa" New Giclee by Howard Terpning,

10" x 8"  Signed, Numbered Edition of 150, $245


David Yorke

"Holly" new Oil by David Yorke

46" x 20" $12,500


"Mystic Warrior" by David Yorke

Oil, 12"x 9" $2,500

"Apache Defiance" Oil by David Yorke

36" x 20" $9,400

"Warrior of the Plains" Oil by David Yorke

16" x 20" $4,500

Click here to see more originals and giclee prints by David Yorke


Robert Tate

"War Paint" by Robert Tate

Oil 16" x 20" -- Call Gallery for pricing

For more information or to purchase artwork, contact The Plainsmen Gallery 1-888-779-2240,


If you would like to receive invitations to our shows or for more information about these  wildlife, western & Florida artists, please email or call the Plainsmen Gallery  1-888-779-2240.  

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