Ernest C. Simmons - Florida wildlife artist 

The Plainsmen Gallery is proud to feature the fine art of talented artist Ernest Simmons, one of Florida's premier wildlife artists!  Original Paintings, giclees and limited edition prints by Ernest Simmons are available at the Plainsmen Gallery in Clearwater, Florida. Call or email the gallery for more information: 1-888-779-2240, 


"Great Blue Heron" Original Oil by Ernest Simmons (re-sale) 18"x10" $4,900

"Pink Birds on a Blue Moon Day" Giclee canvas print by Ernest Simmons, 30"x40" $1,100 unframed. Call or email for more info 1-888-779-2240,

"Warming Up in the Morning Sun" Original Acrylic by Ernest Simmons, 16"x12" $3,600.  Giclee canvas print by Ernest Simmons. 16"x12" $200 unframed, $400 framed.  For more information call The Plainsmen Gallery 1-888-779-2240 


"The Fisherman's Lair"  (Giclee on canvas)

36" x 60"  ed. of 50, $2200 (smaller size available)


"Turning to Honeymoon Island" (Giclee on canvas)  20"x36" $600 unframed


Roseate Spoonbills (Giclee on canvas)

30" x 40" ed. of 50, $1100 unframed

"Spoonbills in Sea Fog" (Giclee on canvas)

14"x24" $300 unframed

"White Pelicans Preening in the Preserve"

(Giclee on canvas) 24"x48" $1,000 unfr.

"River Otter" (Giclee on canvas)

12"x16" $200 unframed


"Southern Bald Eagle" (Giclee on canvas)

 36"x24" $800 unframed



"Stalking in the Pond" (Giclee on canvas)

24" x 36", $800unfr., $1100 framed


"Great Blue Heron" (Giclee on canvas)

54" x 30"  Ed. of 200, $1600 unframed

Smaller sizes are available


"Circle of Survival" (Giclee on canvas)

24" x 36", $800 unfr., $1100 framed


"Great Egret" (Giclee on canvas)

54" x 30" Ed. of 200,  $1600 unframed

Smaller sizes are available

"Waiting Out the Weather"  (Giclee on Canvas)

24" x 36" Ed. of 200, $800 unframed

"Ruddy Turnstones" (Giclee on Canvas)

12" x 20"  Ed. of 200  $250 unframed

"Roseate Spoonbill" (Giclee on Canvas) 24"x13" $300 unframed

"The Fox and the Warbler" (Giclee on Canvas) 

Ed. of 200, $400 unframed

"American Kestral" (Giclee on Canvas) 

Ed. of 200, 24"x 14" $300 unframed

"Racing the Storm"  (Giclee on Canvas)

Ed. of 200, 24" x 36" $800 unframed

"Kingfisher" Limited edition print on paper, $75 unframed, $275 framed

To see more of Ernest Simmons Florida wildlife prints or originals, or to order any of Ernie Simmons' prints, email the Plainsmen Gallery at or call (727) 726-5100 or toll-free at (888) 779-2240